Letters to the Editor: Biden’s rule on ghost guns is troubling, and not because of the 2nd Amendment

President Biden holds pieces of a pistol as he speaks about his  ghost-gun rule
President Biden holds pieces of a pistol as he speaks about his administration’s ghost-gun rule at the White House on Monday.
(Carolyn Kaster / Associated Press)

To the editor: What nobody seems to realize is that whether one supports the regulation of ghost guns or not, the increasing use of government by executive order is neither healthy for the country, democratic, nor in compliance with the intent or substance of our governing documents. (“Biden targets ‘ghost gun’ violence with new federal rule,” April 11)

And perhaps most important, precedent is established and each succeeding administration is more inclined to use executive orders instead of the messy but inclusive and democratic process of legislative enactment.

As a people, we shade more and more toward dictatorial power — and nobody seems to notice or object to the progression, particularly when they like the result. But just wait for the next administration, which will use the same power for different results.


Those who remained silent for executive orders they liked will rue the day that they sat in silence.

Michael S. Klein, Los Angeles


To the editor: How hard is it to build an assault rifle or semi-automatic pistol? It is actually quite easy — absurdly, dismayingly easy.

An “80% lower” — which makes up much of the firearm but is not legally considered one — is sold in conjunction with a drill bit kit, a router and simple directions. That along with the other parts are easily available to anyone who can produce a valid credit card and shipping address.

It really is as simple as that. Just about anyone in high school or younger can do it (as long as it is for their personal use, of course).

I’m trying to come up with some analogy or reason as to why this is a good idea or valid argument, but I am drawing a blank. The rationale that the builder is the only one who is going to shoot their homemade gun doesn’t work for me. Using this logic, you might as well be able to purchase the ingredients for mustard gas or sarin.

You know, for the personal use of the person who made it. Strictly not for resale.

Niels Goerrissen, Harbor City