Letters to the Editor: Griffith Park is deadly for cyclists. It isn’t hard to change that

Flowers mark the location where bicyclist Andrew Jelmert was killed April 16 in Griffith Park.
Flowers mark the location where bicyclist Andrew Jelmert was killed Saturday in Griffith Park.
(Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Last week, two days before Andrew Jelmert was struck and killed by an allegedly drunk driver while riding his bicycle in Griffith Park, I was hit by a van while riding my bicycle on the same road.

Although I sustained significant injuries, I was obviously luckier than Jelmert. He and I were exactly the same age, loved cycling and loved Griffith Park.

But every day hundreds of bicyclists, runners and hikers must dodge cars that are driving too fast or with inattention through the park, often to avoid the nearby freeways. Is it too much to ask the leaders of this wealthy city to install bike lane barriers in our parks so that they may be enjoyed without fear of bodily injury or death?


John Bennett, Los Angeles


To the editor: I walk daily in Griffith Park, where I am very aware of the speeders coming through the area near Los Feliz Boulevard.

Even on weekends, when pedestrian traffic is heavy at the train and pony rides, cars do not slow down. Signs indicating the 25 mph speed limit are clearly visible, but they are obviously ignored.

Over the years, I have written to park authorities and to my representative on the City Council. They have said that they do not have the money to enforce the speed limit.

Who will find a solution to slow traffic in the park before another innocent person is killed?

Carol Clark, Los Feliz