Letters to the Editor: Kevin McCarthy supports an insurrectionist ex-president. That’s the scandal

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy speaks during a news conference at the U.S. Capitol in 2019.
(Michael Reynolds / EPA-EFE / REX)
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To the editor: Why are some journalists reporting on House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) as if this is just another political horse race story? It completely misses the significance of what is happening here. (“Truth doesn’t matter to the GOP,” editorial, April 26)

The real story is that a potential future speaker of the House is ready to forgive the treasonous overthrow of our election by a dangerous autocrat. Why are you not pointing out how beyond normal and unprecedented that is in U.S. history?

Instead you just talk about who in the GOP still supports McCarthy because he almost did the right thing and abandoned former President Trump after his bloody insurrection last year. But rather than protect our democracy and denounce Trump and the insurrection, McCarthy tried to pretend it didn’t happen and crawled back down to Florida to kiss the ring.


That is an unbelievable scandal. Why aren’t you treating it like one? Please do better. Tell the real, whole truth about these people. Defend our democracy.

James Combs, Los Angeles


To the editor: McCarthy’s denial is not a Republican thing or a Democratic thing. It is a lying thing. When did our society start thinking it is OK to lie?

Where is our sense of morality and decency? Don’t we still teach our children that it is not OK to lie, steal or bully?

Susanna Louie, Torrance


To the editor: The Republican Party has been casting lies for so long now it’s seen as commonplace. In my lifetime, we can start with Richard Nixon. Follow that with the whole Bush-Cheney-Rove cabal.


Move on to 2016 election and the liar-in-chief, Trump. Today, we have the new king of lies, McCarthy. He is so obsessed with obtaining power that he will say anything, even when faced with the recorded truth of his own voice.

Maybe it stems from the power brokers that have supported the GOP all these years: the oil companies, the National Rifle Assn., big business, big pharma, all the big polluters. Not exactly a very truthful bunch.

It’s no wonder our country has lost its standing in the free world. Who’s going to believe a bunch of pathological liars?

William Winkler, Burbank