Letters to the Editor: I am a pro-life Catholic. That means supporting gun control too

Antiabortion demonstrators pray in front of the U.S. Supreme Court
Antiabortion demonstrators pray in front of the U.S. Supreme Court on Dec. 1, 2021.
(Andrew Harnik / Associated Press)

To the editor: A reader states in his June 13 letter to the editor that there can be no compromise among Catholics on the issue of abortion.

Though I am both Catholic and pro-life, I am saddened that the Catholic Church does not promote more vigorously its pro-life dogma past the birth of a child.

In fact, American bishops have remained steadfastly quiet in not criticizing Republicans for their failure to expand healthcare (through Medicaid expansion) or eliminate assault weapons, both of which would support human life.


In essence, both Republicans and the Catholic Church are “pro-birth.” I am “pro-life,” from conception to natural death.

Jerry Goerger, St. Louis


To the editor: One letter writer posits that “abortion is murder” because “human life begins at conception.”

If he sincerely takes that stance — so as to deem aborting a two-cell zygote formed at conception to be killing an unborn child — he should answer a compelling question.

Would he mandate a solemn funeral and burial for every miscarriage suffered by pregnant women? With miscarriages naturally occurring in more than 10% of all pregnancies, that would be a boon to the nation’s undertakers.

Antiabortion zealots who do not demand funerals for miscarried fetuses should reflect on their rank hypocrisy.


Rona Dolgin, Los Angeles


To the editor: Several letter writers responded to Jackie Calmes’ op-ed column on Catholic bishops’ abortion stance by citing more antiabortion dogma. The Bible never mentions abortion despite the fact that it pretty much covers every other aspect of approved and unapproved behavior for adherents.

Irrespective of your position on abortion, using the Bible to further your argument is just wrong. The book doesn’t prohibit abortion, and it doesn’t make killing a sin in many situations.

Carl Godlewski, Venice