Letters to the Editor: Why I am telling my neighbors that Kevin de León must resign

Protesters hold signs reading "Kevin de León is a liar" and "KDL must resign" during Tuesday's L.A. City Council meeting.
Protesters call for the resignation of Councilmember Kevin de León during Tuesday’s L.A. City Council meeting.
(Gary Coronado / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Councilman Kevin de León, you knocked on my door when you were running for office. You listened, and I was impressed. Now, I am heartbroken that you are not the Los Angeles City Council member I thought I had helped elect. (“Gov. Newsom calls on L.A. City Councilmen De León and Cedillo to resign over racist audio leak,” Oct. 23)

Last weekend, I went up and down our block, knocked on doors and left notes describing why you can no longer represent us. I talked to an elder whose family has had a business on Olvera Street for three generations. I talked to a family physician holding her toddler and a couple working on their mother’s house. I talked to a screenwriter and a homemaker. Every single one of them said: You must go.

This really is painful for all of us. Resign, then make amends. Your political career may be over, or maybe you can show the public a more ethical leader who can watch his words and stand up for what’s right.


But first, resign.

Betsy Hanger, Los Angeles


To the editor: In 2017, my daughter was a political science and sociology major at Cal State Los Angeles. A passionate progressive activist who was considering a future in politics, she jumped at the opportunity to volunteer for De León’s underdog campaign to unseat Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

She remained a supporter when he announced his run for mayor, urging everyone in our family to join her despite Rep. Karen Bass’ lead in the polls.

When the news of the leaked audio emerged and I asked her how she felt, her reply said it all: “I’m not surprised. There really are no good people in politics.”

Dawn Halloran, North Hollywood


To the editor: I’ve lived in Los Angeles metro area since 1984. I’m from the Midwest, from a “chocolate city” at the time I grew up. I am a Black woman.


I have found it difficult for Black people to obtain employment in this city. I have been through so much at the hands of Latinos ganging up on me on the job. I know many other Black men and women who have gone through horrid persecution on the job.

I could write and share example after example over the years, at various places of employment. As a result, I never even talk on the job except to say “hi” and “bye.” I know I work in hostile territory.

I am not surprised at what was said by former Councilwoman Nury Martinez and Councilmen Kevin de León and Gil Cedillo. Black people don’t get any respect. I’m not surprised at all.

Denise Lewis, Compton


To the editor: De León must resign simply because he will be beholden to everyone he insulted, and that’s not right either. There is no way around it.

An apology tour doesn’t cut it. Time to move on.

Mike Mislinay, Ventura