Letters to the Editor: Is the backlash to Trump coverage too much?

Supporters cheer former President Trump
Supporters cheer as former President Trump announces he is again running for president at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla., on Nov. 15.
(Andrew Harnik / Associated Press)

To the editor: As a recent subscriber who knows how left-leaning your newspaper is, I cannot help but be disappointed that only one side of the aisle is often represented throughout. (“Trump is selling himself. Readers say the L.A. Times shouldn’t help,” Opinion, Nov. 19)

I may not identify as the biggest fan of former President Trump, but the hysteria on display in the letters section is disheartening — and hilarious, honestly. People are weeping and clutching their pearls over a newspaper story about their bogeyman.

I remember when the news was unbiased.

Dawn Maestas, San Clemente



To the editor: The editors of The Times should read all those letters with those good reasons why your great newspaper should bite the bullet and take Trump off the front pages and stop providing him so much free advertising.

For more than seven years, this dangerous man has delighted in openly diminishing the lives of fellow public servants with his arrogant ignorance and obvious contempt for the rules of decency. He has publicly ridiculed our federal institutions and the dedicated people who serve them.

He has contaminated the minds of followers who bring ridicule, even threats, into the classrooms of dedicated teachers. And his glib hypocrisy has even diminished the religious beliefs of others.

One of the letter writers suggested that future columns about Trump be buried in the comics pages. I am hoping to see a new comic strip telling us how he is enjoying his retirement — very soon.

June Maguire, Mission Viejo


To the editor: As a lifelong conservative and Republican, I have a confession to make. My sin is that I voted for Trump twice. Once was enough, but twice may be unforgivable.


He has taken the Republican Party, and more importantly America, down a path of ego-driven disaster. He has no moral compass, and who that blindly follow him are like lemmings being led over a cliff. Those elected Republicans who have condoned Trump’s narcissistic behavior for fear of losing his base are not worthy of serving the American people.

As penance for my sins, I vow not to vote for Trump, any candidate he endorses or any elected Republican who will not speak out against a man who puts himself above the law and the interests of Americans.

Frank Deni, Lake Forest


To the editor: Trump is playing us. It is very clear what he is up to. He is fully aware that he may soon be indicted.

His announced run for president will thus enable him to plead out his indictment, thus avoiding a trial and possible conviction. He has no interest in being president again, and he knows there will be little desire by the Department of Justice to put him and the nation through a trial leading to a conviction.

He will plead out by agreeing to never run for office again, and that will be the end of the Trump era. This is the only logical outcome and possible explanation for his recent announcement.

Mark Peterson, Cardiff, Calif.