Letters to the Editor: A response to out-of-state conservatives who insist L.A. is failing

Two women hug as others hold up "Karen Bass" signs.
Karen Bass speaks during an election night rally in Hollywood. She would go on to win the mayoral race against Rick Caruso.
(Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: What is one letter writer talking about when he advises voters in California to “stop rewarding failure as your state continues its decline”?

My cousin in Idaho Falls and my relatives in Salt Lake City also make these stunning observations. What are they talking about?

My transgender child is supported here.

My same-sex spouse and I can hold hands in public here.

A woman can get a safe and clean abortion here.

Gun control. Climate change. We can have rational discussions here.

In Los Angeles, voters proved to be discerning, ignoring the tsunami of ads from billionaire Rick Caruso to elect the better mayoral candidate.


We removed a profoundly troublesome sheriff.

Homelessness? We are aware of this and all the other persistent problems attached to big cities.

Failure? Decline? I don’t thing so.

DeAnn Morris, Tujunga