Letters to the Editor: ‘Wokeness,’ Dilbert and basic decency in language

"Dilbert" creator Scott Adams at work in 2006. Many newspapers, including The Times, stopped publishing his comic strip
Scott Adams, creator of “Dilbert, is seen working in 2006. Many newspapers, including The Times, stopped publishing his comic strip.
(Marcio Jose Sanchez / Associated Press)

To the editor: David L. Ulin made a point I’ve been trying to make for many years about the supposedly inclusive “you guys.” In his classroom where female students are the majority, he thinks it is time to forget “woke” and just be more thoughtful. Amen to that! (“It’s not ‘woke’ — just thoughtful — to use more specific language than ‘you guys,’” Opinion, Feb. 28)

I’ve suggested that we start using the phrase “you gals,” and let all the males in the room find a way to feel themselves included.

Anita Rufus, Palm Desert



To the editor: While I enjoyed Ulin’s article, I was more concerned by something else he mentioned.

I am very disappointed in The Times’ decision to stop publishing the comic strip “Dilbert” because of what the creator said on YouTube. The comic is funny and not offensive, just as J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” books and movies are entertaining and not offensive.

This notion that you have to associate the art with the artist is way off. The art is not the artist.

If I don’t want to read something, then I won’t. I resent you taking this choice from me.

Niels Goerrissen, Harbor City


To the editor: Critics of “wokeness” and “political correctness” are really saying they want to speak without thinking or respecting others, and they don’t want to hear any objections.

But, as Ulin says, “thinking before we speak” shows respect and consideration for others, and “it’s neither oppressive nor woke to suggest there could be consequences” for disrespect.

Gary Thorne, Yorba Linda



To the editor: We need to take back the word “woke” from Republicans. It is not a derogatory word.

Yes, we are woke to the deep systemic racism in our country. We are woke to the injustices meted out to nonwhite citizens. We are woke to the discrimination against Asian people. We resist discrimination against Jews and Muslims and people of all religions.

We are woke to the needs of women and their rights to make decisions about their own bodies. We are woke to the distorted history of our country that doesn’t flesh out the history of women and people of color.

We are woke to the imbalance of the tax system and believe people who make millions of dollars per year ought to pay their fair share.

Let’s thank the Republicans for broadcasting that we are woke. Now, let’s get some of them to wake up and help us solve these pressing problems.

Cathe Jacobs, Pacific Palisades