Letters to the Editor: Was the Dodger Stadium protest anti-gay backlash or legitimate religious grievance?

People march outside Dodger Stadium before LGBTQ+ Pride Night on June 16.
(Jae C. Hong / Associated Press)

To the editor: I arrived at Los Angeles Union Station two hours early hoping to take transit to Dodger Stadium and enjoy the pregame activities for LQBTQ+ Pride night last Friday. But because a group who identified as Catholic was demonstrating in the crosswalk blocking entry into the parking lot, I did not arrive at my seat until after the second inning.

Those demonstrators probably believe they were spreading the love and compassion of their religion. What they did that night was show 52,000 Dodgers and Giants fans the spite and hate that LGBTQ+ people in the United States face every day.

Thank you, Dodgers, for hosting Pride Night. Now, I more deeply appreciate what others experience for being true to themselves.


Steve Takemoto, Redondo Beach


To the editor: I am not a Catholic, and I certainly do not agree with all of the policies of the Catholic Church. I am of Jewish background, and I also do not agree with all of the rules of that religion.

However, I have asked myself what The Times, the Dodgers and others would say and do if a group of non-Jewish “rabbis” wore the Jewish head covering and other items of that religion, painted their faces, dressed flamboyantly and otherwise imitated being part of the Jewish clergy while professing to do charity work? And if they insisted they weren’t mocking anyone?

I can hear the loud cries of antisemitism now. Why the double standard?

Barry Weiss, Woodland Hills


To the editor: I’ll take the the people who demonstrate against the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence seriously just as soon as they start demonstrating against the Hells Angels. Fair is fair.

Katrin Wiese, Rialto



To the editor: It is hard to be a practicing Catholic and a lesbian, denounced by some on both sides for who I am.

Calling it a celebration of “pride” while degrading another is hypocrisy. How do we support one that degrades another? This is what the LGBTQ+ community has been fighting against since its inception.

So, we treat just “ourselves” with pride? Is that what we are really all about?

Carol Hall, Diamond Bar


To the editor: As a prayerful person myself, I’d like to reassure those who used prayer and signs to protest the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at LGBTQ+ Pride Night that there’s no way the Dodgers sold their soul.

For if they had, they’d have bought a better bullpen.

Mike Milligan, West Hills