Letters to the Editor: What news organizations lose when they lay off journalists

A cubicle wall holds stickers for LAist and KPCC.
Stickers of the various past logos for LAist Studios are seen at its headquarters in Pasadena. The news organization recently announced layoffs.
(Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times)
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To the editor: One letter writer expressed her delight when she realized the author of the extremely well-written obituary about Daniel Ellsberg was Elaine Woo, who left The Times in 2015.

I had a similar reaction June 14 while reading, “Pariah or partner? U.S. navigates complicated, contradictory relationship with Saudi Arabia.” In that case, the writer was Tracy Wilkinson, who over the years has covered a wide-ranging number of international stories and is currently a foreign affairs correspondent at The Times’ Washington bureau.

The knowledge, insight and craftsmanship of outstanding writers and correspondents takes years to develop.


In the same June 14 print edition, the article “Owner of LAist to shed workers” was yet another reminder of the depressing and dangerous loss of comprehensive, serious and well-presented news coverage in any medium.

Barbara Assadi, Los Angeles