Letters to the Editor: Speaking out is the way to reverse Supreme Court’s damage to women’s rights

Protestors holding signs in front of the Supreme Court.
Abortion rights advocates protest outside the U.S. Supreme Court building in December 2021.
(Andrew Harnik / Associated Press)

To the editor: Columnist Anita Chabria is deserving of a Pulitzer for this incredibly well-written and timely story.

I have no doubt that her story will stand out in the gathering tsunami that will eventually force a return of abortion decisions to where they belong — with the woman and her doctor.

Chabria’s ability to capture the story of these two magnificent people will become a shining light in the protest history that will eventually reverse the harm that the Supreme Court has imposed on a women’s right to decide.


The protagonists of the story — Michelle and Mustafa — should receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom for their courage, their humanity and their willingness to share their story with the world.

Stephen Downing, Long Beach


To the editor: Women are being denied basic medical care to satisfy the warped agenda of one political party. Make no mistake: If a Republican is elected to the White House and if they have a majority in Congress, there will be a national abortion ban. In the future, my daughter may actually have to leave the country to get adequate medical care.

Anencephaly, polycystic kidney disease, complete hydatidiform mole, preeclampsia are just a few diseases unique to pregnancy that have dire consequences for the mother and/or the fetus. If you cannot explain these disease states without the benefit of “Dr. Google,” then you have no business regulating women’s health care.

Lisa Shane, MD, Huntington Beach