Letters to the Editor: Does Kevin de León deserve to be reelected to the City Council?

A man in a denim shirt waves
L.A. City Councilmember Kevin de León waves to a person outside his council office on Thursday.
(Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)
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To the editor: When announcing he would be running to keep his City Council seat for another four years, Kevin de León said that residents of the 14th District “deserve this high level of dedicated public service.” Engaging in a racist conversation about his colleague Mike Bonin’s son is what De León considers a high level of service? De León does not deserve to be a council member and his apology was disingenuous at best.

Neil Snow, Manhattan Beach


To the editor: I’ve been a member of Council District 14 for 35 years, living in Eagle Rock. Kevin de León has been the only representative I am aware of who has taken Eagle Rock seriously. Every former council person for our district seems to have been focused almost entirely on Boyle Heights.


Under De León, a tiny house project was implemented and suddenly there were no more homeless encampments under our freeway ramps. Streets have been repaired; lighting improved. The whole neighborhood feels safer.

While his comment on the leaked audio tapes, and his unwillingness to walk out of that abhorrent meeting, weigh heavily on me, I feel I must also acknowledge that he has done more good for our part of District 14 than anyone else.

Anne Beaty, Eagle Rock