Letters to the Editor: Failing to teach LGBTQ+ issues is the real form of indoctrination

Three men, two wearing caps, hold small American flags.
Muslim parents participate in a protest in Montgomery County, Md., against public school lessons with LGBTQ+-themed books in July.
(Anadolu Agency / Getty Images)

To the editor: It seems to me that the faith groups opposing school curricula mentioning LGBTQ+ people have this issue backward. (“As Muslims’ status as political punching bag fades, some are fighting against LGBTQ+ acceptance,” Sept. 25)

Rather than use our Constitution and laws that are intended to act as a shield against discrimination, religious and otherwise, the groups against everything are perverting those laws into a sword to attack other peoples’ rights.

If schools continue to teach only “Dick and Jane” to a multi-diverse population, then they are indoctrinating kids rather than teaching them. Let parents provide their own religious thoughts about what their kids are learning — that’s what religious freedom is about.


Jay Coffman, San Diego


To the editor: How sad that some Muslim groups are getting on board with white Christian nationalists and their intolerance of LGBTQ+ Americans.

Whether they know it or not, these Muslims also have gay children whose lives they are causing to become more difficult. The fact that this is coming from a group that has been so badly persecuted makes it all the more upsetting. When are they going to realize that the Christian nationalists are going to come after them too?

Our country is being taken over by zealots of multiple religions. We cannot allow this to happen.

Patty Shenker, Woodland Hills