Letters to the Editor: Trump is running as a ruthless dictator. He and the GOP must be defeated

A man stands at a lectern, with people all around him holding up signs.
Audience members cheer former President Trump during a campaign rally in Claremont, N.H., on Nov. 11.
(Reba Saldanha / Associated Press)
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To the editor: Former President Trump has made it clear from his recent remarks he wants to be the first American dictator so he can punish all who oppose him. Another Trump presidency would forever change America. (“Trump’s plans if he returns to the White House include deportation raids, tariffs and mass firings,” Nov. 12)

That so many Republicans are standing firmly behind Trump to be their 2024 presidential nominee leads me to conclude that the GOP is a lost cause. Republican members of the House and Senate are revealing themselves to be dominated by right-wing extremists. Ronna McDaniel, chair of the Republican National Committee, recently declared that if GOP voters nominated Trump, she would support him even if he is convicted.

Trump and all Republicans running for office must be defeated. Trump’s behavior and the Republican fealty he commands are clarion calls for all eligible Americans to vote Democratic or lose their democracy.


Nelson Sagisi, Santa Maria


To the editor: The Associated Press article you published clearly enumerating the plans that Trump, the front-runner for the GOP nomination in 2024, has for the U.S. if he is returned to power. It is the closest thing to a party platform that I have seen recently from the GOP. I commend it to everyone’s reading.

It is scary to envision a government in the manner thus described. Every American should become familiar with this platform between now and election day.

Perhaps Trump is wrong about avoiding the debate stage. It might be productive if he took advantage of this opportunity to defend his stance and take questions in order to clarify and explain such daring and all-encompassing plans.

Karen Scott Browdy, Fillmore



To the editor: Of course Trump wants his election interference trial televised and “seen by everybody in the world” in order to grandstand and have free airtime for campaigning and self-aggrandizement.

The televised House Jan. 6 committee hearings offered facts, evidence and transparency to the millions of people who viewed them. For two of the daytime hearings, Fox News averaged only 727,000 viewers, a fraction of what other cable networks drew for the same hearings.

That shows most Trump supporters aren’t interested in the facts of the case; rather, they are eager to see their guy mock the proceedings.

As far as preserving this clearly significant event for history, perhaps a trusted channel could record and archive the trial, releasing the footage only after a prescribed length of time beyond its conclusion, including any appeals.

In this way, it would be a record rather than a Trump-centric circus. Those interested in the actual facts of the case could then have digital access for research or simple curiosity.

The New York fraud trial has shown that the public can be informed without being subjected to the endless boorishness of the man who would be king.


Linda Shahinian, Culver City