Letters to the Editor: Trump lies all the time. Biden has lied before. There’s a difference

Donald Trump and Joe Biden speak at a debate.
Then-President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden speak during their debate on Sept. 29, 2020.
(Getty Images)

To the editor: Buried more than 20 paragraphs into your article on the presidential candidates’ instances of dishonesty and mistakes, there is a statement by Joe Biden that is propped up as a lie that justifies this comparison to Donald Trump.

President Biden’s “lie”? That he visited ground zero in New York the day after 9/11, when he actually went nine days later.

Contrasting this misstatement with the torrent of lies and malicious fabrications that flow nonstop from former President Trump, and having a print headline that says, “Candidates’ lies, errors pile up,” does a significant disservice to readers.


Such far-stretched comparisons only serve to further normalize Trump’s weaponization of distorted facts and pure make-believe as legitimate political discourse.

As a 40-year subscriber to this publication, I implore you to maintain higher standards. Our democracy and collective future depend on the voters’ ability to distinguish between the firehose of lies and somewhat harmless misstatements. The differences between the two are in no way comparable.

Mark Van Leeuwen, Newhall


To the editor: Trump’s unbeatable record of lies makes one wonder why the media continue to report on him as if anything he says could possibly be true.

One recent example: When the Arizona Supreme Court turned back the clock to 1864 for women, and there was a huge outcry in protest, Trump made it seem as if he was in favor of leaving abortion laws up to each state. Over and over again the media reported him saying this, even though it is clear he has no problem telling lies without any moral compass or care of the consequences.

Hopefully enough voters will be so fed up with all of his lies that he will not get a second term as president.


Mary Carlson, Mission Viejo