Readers React: The Catholic Church should spread the word on flu shots

To the editor: The article interestingly states that the number of Latinos in California receiving flu shots drops dramatically from 61% of first-generation Latinos to only 15% of third-generation Latinos. (“California Latinos, reluctant to get flu shots, have much to risk,” Opinion, Dec. 29)

The reason given for the high participation rate in the first generation is that the need for the immunization in Mexico is well communicated. The authors say, “California and Washington should provide funding for new outreach for free or low-cost vaccinations.”

Perhaps some of the work on spreading the word on vaccination could be done by the Roman Catholic Church, an organization trusted by much of the Latino community.

With its parishes and schools, the church can provide a fast, reliable and low-cost avenue to universal vaccination of its followers.


John Goodman, Oak Park

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