Readers React: Donald Trump’s rise and the power of conservative media

To the editor: I am confident that Doyle McManus “missed” in his prediction that Donald Trump would flame out not because he underestimated the anger of the populace, but because he completely misjudged its low information level. (“Donald Trump, Jeb Bush and other things I got wrong in 2015,” Opinion, Dec. 30)

I blame the conservative news media, which has relentlessly denigrated President Obama. Many conservatives have contented themselves with watching only those “news” sources that align with their prejudices.

I am astonished at the robust and barely concealed level of hatred alive and well in this country, thinly covered with the veil of fundamentalist Christianity and “family values.” Trump speaks with a very loud bullhorn to this brand of intolerance.

Rebecca Hertsgaard, Palm Desert



To the editor: McManus almost got it right in his column admitting his failure to understand the rise of Trump.

Besides the anger Americans (not just voters) feel toward the “conventional” politician, we also feel much the same way about most of the news media, especially those working for the propaganda machines at Fox News, MSNBC, public radio and talk radio.

Even after Trump was applauded for pushing back against Fox News host Megyn Kelly in the first Republican presidential debate, few reporters or pundits indicated they understood the Trump phenomenon. Their failure says as much about them as the politicians and parties.

Chris Daly, Yucaipa

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