Readers React: Who’s behind ads like the pro-oil ‘I am an energy voter’?

To the editor: Brava to Jodi Remke, chairwoman of the California Fair Political Practices Commission, for carrying the banner for disclosure of the groups and interests behind the lobbyists. (“Amount of lobbying done in the shadows is growing, California ethics officials agree,” Jan. 17)

The larger national question relates to the avalanche of money pouring into campaigns since the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United case. Efforts to overturn that ruling are slim to none unless a Democratic president changes the makeup of the Supreme Court.

In the meantime, we should demand that groups supporting candidates or legislation be fully transparent. We have a right to know whose interests are being promoted. Every time I see the “I am an energy voter” commercial designed to look like ordinary people just spontaneously supporting more use of fossil fuels, I cringe knowing that this is bought and paid for by the petroleum industry.

Let’s shed some light on what’s really going on.


Barbara H. Bergen, Los Angeles 

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