What set Jon Stewart apart: kindness to go along with humor

What set Jon Stewart apart: kindness to go along with humor
Jon Stewart during the taping of his final "Daily Show" on Aug. 6. (Brad Barket / Getty Images for Comedy Central)

To the editor: What was I to watch Thursday evening? There were two kinds of entertainment on: the sending off of a beloved television comedian whose stock and trade is showing the foibles and fumbles of politicians and bringing a different slant to what they say and do, and the GOP debate. ("'Daily Show With Jon Stewart' redefined TV success as a natural fit for social media," Aug. 5)

Jon Stewart's run on "The Daily Show" was warm, sincere and very heartfelt because of the kindness and generosity he brought with him. Thursday's program was a touching send-off for someone very much appreciated and loved.

Then there was the Republican circus of angry candidates looking like desperate game-show contestants. No matter what your politics are, the world needs laughter a lot more than it needs more angry people who just don't listen.

The choice of what to watch was an easy one. But it was kind of ironic that the one I thought would make me laugh instead made me cry, and the ones that we should take seriously made us laugh instead. Cue the circus music.

Frances Terrell Lippman, Sherman Oaks



To the editor: The thing I'll miss the most about Stewart's show is the information he gave the public.

It is sad that we can't rely on the local news stations to inform the public about important matters. The local news stations are more interested in entertaining the public. Since when did clips from YouTube become part of the news?

Watching the world news on any of the major networks is no better. I don't understand why we are so willing to accept this mediocrity.

What comedian will step up to do the job Stewart has done for 16 years? It truly is sad to think that a comedian gave out more information about politics, the environment, health, race relations and social programs that millions of people depend on than network news stations.

Stewart will be surely missed.

Linda Shabsin, Diamond Bar

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