Thank goodness for unapologetic abortion doctors

To the editor: My thanks to Robin Abcarian for her column on Dr. Susan Robinson, whose profession is abortion care. It is refreshing to read about this caring physician who respects women. ("An abortion doctor speaks out about a woman's right to choose," Aug. 7)

With recent publicity about Planned Parenthood providing fetal tissue for medical research, it needs repeating that this organization does not profit but rather is merely reimbursed for costs.

And what is so immoral about providing tissue for medical research? Thank goodness for the physicians who are working to cure Alzheimer's and other diseases.

We need more Susan Robinsons.

Jean Koch, Los Angeles



To the editor: I am pro-choice — to a point. Robinson says about her work, which includes aborting third-trimester fetuses, "I love my job."

In this day and age, it is painless, convenient and inexpensive to determine whether you are pregnant early on.

Anyone who waits five months until the third trimester — at which time she is carrying a fully-formed human nearly capable of existing outside the womb — has crossed a line from aborting a fetus to killing a human being.

Eileen Flaxman, Sherman Oaks

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