Regulate Uber, Lyft and taxis the same way

To the editor: The old adage is that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck. Hence, Uber and Lyft are taxi services. ("Taxi lobby's City Hall spending falls short against Uber, Lyft over LAX," AUg. 25)

As such, it is logical that ride-sharing services and taxis be subject to the same regulations and opportunities.


Uber and Lyft drivers and vehicles need to conform to rules formulated to protect the public. Taxi companies need to be given the flexibility to adopt demand-based pricing and where and when they'll pick up passengers.

Recently I used an orange medallion car service to get to JFK airport in New York and a taxi to get home from LAX; the public is best served by a variety of services conforming to a logical set of rules.

Michael Ernstoff, Los Angeles


To the editor: For the first time, my family recently used Lyft for a ride to LAX.

The experience couldn't have been more pleasant. The driver clearly had pride of ownership. His car was super clean and he was very helpful with our luggage. It was under $20 to get to the airport plus tip.

On our return we took a cab because we had to. The car was dirty and the driver was unfriendly. For this, we were charged $38 plus tip.

It's not rocket science. Good customer service goes a long way. Saving money does too.

Laurie Kilpatrick, Los Angeles 

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