Letters: Israel’s fate

Re “Rethinking the two-state solution,” Opinion, Oct. 1

One would think that the civil war in Syria, the unrest in Egypt and Turkey and the inability of Hamas and Fatah to agree on anything would give pause to Neve Gordon, who effectively called for Israel’s dismantling by proposing a one-state solution. How would destroying the freest nation in the region promote stability?

Instead of demonizing Israel, he should compare its upliftment of all the Jewish refugees from Arab countries to generations of cynical Arab manipulation of Arab refugees. He could compare economic and academic advancement of all sectors of Israeli society, including Israeli Arabs, to the corruption, nepotism and incitement inflicted on the people of neighboring countries.

Despite the constant existential threats, Israel is a vibrant society that will be around long after Gordon’s piece has been forgotten.


Doron Lubinsky



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