Readers React: Obama acting on gun control: an unconstitutional overreach?

To the editor: Unfortunately, the “script” that President Obama is threatening to go off is the U.S. Constitution. It is time for the legislative and judicial branches of our government to reestablish the balance of powers that the framers envisioned. (“The day Obama went off-script and switched gears on gun control policy,” Dec. 18)

The executive branch of our government is out of control. Yes, Obama is frustrated that he can’t dictate the law on guns, and he ought to know that doing otherwise is unconstitutional.

The question is, does he care?

David Stoughton, Santa Monica



To the editor: Enough already. Obama should go “off-script” and use his executive authority to implement what he wants to do on gun control.

Mr. President: Make a stand and do something. If your executive order is so bad, the next president (whoever it will be) can take it all back. For now, just do something. We are losing to many people to gun violence.

Conrad Corral, Cathedral City, Calif.


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