Readers React: Readers’ wishes for 2019: climate change action, unbiased journalism and a nicer president

To the editor: In your 2019 wish list entry on climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, you write, “Yes, Washington, D.C., we’re looking at you.” (“Change that will do you good in 2019,” editorial, Jan. 1)

To that end: In 2019, we hopefully will get the desperately needed, strong, effective congressional pushback against President Trump’s egregious climate change policies. This can happen with the new Democratic House and enough congressional Republicans showing some spine.

They should demonstrate that concern for the futures of their children and grandchildren is stronger than their fear of their campaign contributors or whatever else has kept them from vigorously protesting such damaging policies.

Jack Holtzman, San Diego


To the editor: Your wish for a “comprehensive” immigration reform bill is nothing more than a desire for a repeat of the dismal failure of past immigration legislation.


While the editorial calls for “providing relief to Dreamers” and “assuring a steady supply of farmworkers and giving the millions of people who’ve lived years in this country without legal status a path to citizenship,” it fails to define what it means by “shoring up border security.”

Finally, no reform measure can be considered comprehensive unless it contains a mandatory employee verification component, like E-Verify.

Jim Redhead, San Diego


To the editor: My wish for 2019 is to have a president that is not narcissistic, dishonest, immoral, shallow, petty, mean-spirited, childish, vindictive, unprepared, uninformed, inarticulate, closed-minded and incapable of empathy.

Oh yes, I also want to loose 15 pounds in 2019.

Gary Vogt, Menifee


To the editor: To your wish list, I would add a Los Angeles newspaper that is fair and unbiased in its reporting — one that realizes that conservative beliefs exist and that the liberal viewpoint is not the only one out there.

Howard L. Hambrecht, San Juan Capistrano

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