Readers React: After abortion, will Alabama abolish the death penalty?

Demonstrators rally outside the Alabama State House in Montgomery on May 14 against a bill to criminalize nearly all abortions in the state.
(Mickey Welsh / Associated Press)

To the editor: If the lawmakers in Alabama truly believe that every heartbeat should be preserved, as they say with their newly passed “antiabortion” law, then why have Alabama courts in some years imposed more death sentences than Texas, a state that has a population five times as large?

No, Alabama is certainly not as pro-life as it wants us to believe with its law that criminalizes nearly all abortions. I guess some hearts are worthy of beating, while others are not.

Bottom line: Who’s really playing God here, the women making decisions about their own health, or the men who make up most of Alabama’s antiabortion Legislature?

This isn’t about heartbeats, folks, nor is the state’s abortion law pro-life. It’s about misogyny and control, just as it always has been.


Lisa Harmon, Yakima, Wash.


To the editor: Alabama state Sen. Clyde Chambliss, a Republican, believes that when God creates a life, it is not our place to extinguish it. Perhaps we should take his reasoning to its logical conclusion.

When God creates a cancer, it is not our place to cure it. When God creates a child with severe physical difficulties, it is not our place to try to medically correct it. When any human being is afflicted with a physical difficulty or disease, it is not our place to go against the will of God.


People like Chambliss are pro-birth, period. They also pick and choose what things their God is in charge of and then demand others be governed by their opinion of their God’s will.

This is nothing but religious overreach into the secular laws of the United States. As a Christian, a woman, a mother and a grandmother, I find the entire pro-life agenda to be hypocritical, cruel and dangerous to American women.

Judy Reinsma, Santa Clarita


To the editor: From an eternal perspective, the following statement is absolutely true and decimates all the pro-choice arguments: Every abortion kills a living child.

Roe vs. Wade has a rendezvous with destiny. It is way beyond time to end the ultimate child abuse.

Terry McDermott, Rancho Santa Margarita



To the editor: On the heels of numerous GOP-led states severely restricting a woman’s right to make her own reproductive decisions, Alabama takes it a step further by making abortion a criminal offense.

I wonder why the members of the Republican Party, who are constantly railing against government overreach and intrusion into people’s lives, are now so willing to crawl up the bodies of 51% of the country’s population to post their ideological guards.

Blaine Ziolkowski, Thousand Oaks

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