Readers React: America’s pastime is too pricey


To the editor: John R. Bawden is rhapsodizing about an idealized pipe dream of baseball. The game is no longer America’s pastime; it is the wealthy elite’s pastime. (“America needs baseball more than ever” March 28)

Prices for tickets, parking and concessions have risen far beyond the working-class father’s ability to take his wife and two kids to a game.

The Dodgers have pulled their games from broadcast TV and sold the rights to cable television for billions of dollars. No longer do we see Dodgers vs. Giants games on our local TV channels. No longer do most of us see Dodgers vs. Giants games at all. They are reserved for those who can pay the steep price of admission.


Walter O’Malley is spinning in his grave. I propose that we let this former national pastime die of its own greed and replace it with something more egalitarian. Soccer, anyone?

Paul Moser III, Palm Desert

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