Readers React: We knew about climate change in 1989. It’s time to do something

Firefighters battle a large wildfire near the 15 Freeway in Fallbrook on May 14, 2014.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: We’ve moved on from the outright denial of climate change from 30 years ago, when the California Energy Commission warned that the state faced more droughts, floods, fires and heat waves because of global warming.

Now, there are too many who feel that they won’t live long enough to be inconvenienced by this escalating disaster; others are too privileged to care.

However, for most of us and our children, the damaging effects are here, and the future is frightening. There is always hope, but time is running out to make a real difference in preventing the worst consequences.

I and thousands like me are demanding that Congress take action to end our reliance on fossil fuels. Many of our representatives are already on board with this, but they all need to hear from us, the people. It’s likely now or never.


E.J. Parker, Long Beach


To the editor: We knew about global warming long before 1989, when this article says it was merely a “blip on the radar.”

I was first taught about it in my ecology class in 1970 at Cal State Long Beach, along with zero population growth. It is deplorable that we have refused to do little about either problem and are now facing the consequences.


How much longer must we suffer from our unwillingness to wake up?

Sandy Mishodek, Running Springs, Calif.


To the editor: Thirty years ago we were warned in California about more droughts, fires and floods if we didn’t stop reducing our use of fossil fuels. We have done our part so far with the strictest environmental regulations in the country and by switching to renewable energy.

The world is now experiencing what was predicted 30 years ago, and the problem will only get worse. So what is it about our president that makes him fail to understand climate change?

Last year, President Trump skipped the G-7 discussions on climate change. He has also rolled back federal regulations on emissions from coal burning in an effort to get more votes.

When will people in Trump’s base own up to the fact that climate change is here and help vote him out of office?

Ernie Ogren, Torrance


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