Readers React: Cover the gubernatorial ‘horse race’ less and the candidates’ positions more

Democratic candidates for governor of California speak at a NARAL Pro-Choice event in San Francisco on Jan. 30
(Jeff Chiu / Associated Press)

To the editor: I heartily agree with The Times Editorial Board’s call for the candidates for state offices in the June primary to begin giving voters a clear indication of how they intend to handle the scary issues in our near future: drought, financial constraints, homelessness and more. (“There’s room for both substance and sex appeal in California’s gubernatorial race,” editorial, Feb. 5)

I’d also like to see the Los Angeles Times shift its focus from covering the “horse race” to comparing all the serious candidates’ positions on these substantive issues, to the extent that they have them. I’m afraid that minor candidates’ good ideas get lost because they don’t poll high enough, something they cannot do because their ideas don’t get aired.

Could your reporters develop a chart that would help voters map these issues from time to time during the campaign? That would be a real community service.


Cheryl McDonald, Pasadena

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