Readers React: California has serious problems. It’s foolish to blame one party for them

The California state flag flies outside L.A. City Hall in 2017.
(Mark Ralston / AFP/Getty Images)

To the editor: A letter writer chastising Democrats told them not to say a “negative word” about “high taxes, homelessness, housing costs, corporate flight, traffic, air pollution, medical care, crowded cities or crime,” situations that will surely come our way because the recent election greatly favored the Democrats.

All of these problems have been present in California for decades no matter which party has been in power.

Also, only one of the two parties has made any attempt to remedy our sad state of affairs when it comes to medical care for Americans, and this attempt was met with strong opposition from the Republican Party.

Jacqueline West, Inglewood



To the editor: With Democrats in control of California state government now, says one writer, we cannot complain about high taxes, homelessness, housing costs, corporate flight and a host of other problems.

She states that if you voted Democrat, you own these problems.

I have one thing to say: We all own these problems. Now, let’s get to work.


Mindy Taylor-Ross, Venice

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