Readers React: Gas-tax hike repeal: Bankrolled by wealthy Republicans, favored by ordinary voters

Carl DeMaio, John Cox, Jon Coupal
Republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox blasts a recent gas tax increase during a news conference in Sacramento on June 18.
(Rich Pedroncelli / AP)

To the editor: While I agree with columnist George Skelton’s view that in a representative system, the voters should not take away the powers of those they elect to run the government, he is wrong about the ballot initiative to repeal the gas-tax increase.

This is a regressive tax that hurts the poor and working people more than any other group. If Gov. Jerry Brown wants to repair roads and bridges, he should abandon the harebrained bullet-train project and spend that money to carry out the infrastructure projects that are so badly needed.

Furthermore, despite the fact that the initiative was bankrolled by Republican entities, it seems to be quite popular with the majority of us ordinary folk.

Robert Blum, Encino


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