Opinion: Dear Hillary Clinton: Your country still needs you

Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton concedes her defeat to Republican Donald Trump in New York on Nov. 9, 2016.
(Andrew Harnik / Associated Press)

To the editor: I wear my “We Made History!” pin with pride — because we did make history. Hillary Clinton may not have shattered the glass ceiling, but she sure cracked the heck out of it. Change is not made in a moment, and it never happens unless someone has the courage to risk it all, as she did, to make it happen. (“Many women thought Clinton would shatter the glass ceiling, not run into a concrete wall,” Nov. 10)

Women are grieving and crying all over the country today because we knew what was at stake. But although America isn’t ready yet for a woman to be president, the next female contender will have an easier road to victory because of Clinton.

My mother campaigned for Clinton in 2008 but died before that year’s presidential election. I have her “Hillary” pin. I know she was clapping and shouting for Clinton from above through this campaign too. Her lifelong beliefs about equality, race relations, giving a helping hand to the unfortunate and the importance of education and civic engagement mirror those of Clinton. 

My biggest hope is that Clinton continues to be a very public leader, highly visible on the public stage. She won the popular vote, and it’s likely she can effect bigger change by not being president, given the Republican-controlled Senate and House.


Kathy Boone, Westlake Village


To the editor: What has Clinton ever done but selflessly toil, battle, suffer calumny and endure unspeakable torment to protect and serve the people of this country? And always with grace, dignity and self-restraint that are superhuman?

Yet it wasn’t enough. Not nearly. America wasn’t ready for her. Instead, it elected a man who is truly the worst to ever seek the presidency. There are millions of us whose hearts are breaking for Clinton.


I fervently wish she can put this nightmare behind her and devote her prodigious abilities to the pursuit of peace and happiness. Perhaps she can work more with her foundation. Whatever she does, I beg her: Walk away from this with your head held high. 

George Crowder, Los Angeles


To the editor: I dreamed of a nation, where women are respected by men for who they are, not for what they can provide.

I dreamed of a nation, where women are allowed to make decisions about their own body, just like men.

I dreamed of a nation, where women are paid for their contributions equally to the contributions of their male counterparts.

I dreamed of a nation, where human rights are more important than gun rights.

Then, on Nov. 8, I woke up. And looked up at the unbroken glass ceiling above me, and realized it was just a dream.


Thank you, Hillary Clinton, for giving me the hope to dream, if only for a short while.

Nancy Schauer, Valencia


To the editor: I voted for Clinton but find no need to “ponder to what extent gender was a factor in the election.” 

I do think our country is ready for a female president, but not this woman. To lay Clinton’s defeat at the feet of sexism is to ignore and minimize the bigger issues at hand that ultimately were her undoing. 

It’s too easy to cry sexism or racism these days instead of drilling down to look at the truth.

Penny Peyser, Woodland Hills

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