Readers React: Put homeless housing right next to City Council members’ homes and L.A. residents will get on board


To the editor: More housing for homeless people, in theory, has received very strong support from the public, as shown by the voter-approved $1.2-billion bond measure to pay for new facilities. However, when City Council members host gatherings to solidify support within their districts, they are met with very substantial opposition.

No site in any Los Angeles City Council district will ever win the widespread support of constituents, but my suggestion for making housing placement more palatable to residents might get it closer to reality: Each council member and the mayor should lead by example and have a homeless shelter placed close by their own residences.

City leaders all use the right words to talk about housing solutions, but our citizens know that the politicians’ own families likely will not personally bear the day-to-day consequences of their decisions. Putting housing for homeless people near their own homes will clearly show that our leaders are truly invested in the solutions they advocate.


Richard Lau, Sunland

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