Readers React: Let’s hope Jerry Brown’s sense of urgency on climate change is contagious


To the editor: I’ve grown up politically with Jerry Brown, first as a student during his first term as governor, and more recently as I tracked his status as the “adult in the room.” (“As Gov. Jerry Brown leaves office, he seems unlikely to retire from the only profession he’s ever known,” Jan. 1.)

Nothing will define his legacy more than his persistent warnings about climate change. I didn’t always embrace his climate tactics, but I appreciated his passionate defense of the scientific consensus and his alarm at the Trump administration’s environmental sabotage.

Reversing the impacts of climate change will take more time than Brown had in office, but I’m hoping his sense of urgency was contagious.


David This, Brea


To the editor: I would submit that Brown did not get the credit he deserved for some of the poor policies he implemented.

His environmental agenda and social engineering experiments have caused California to have some of the country’s highest housing costs, utility rates and fuel prices. And that is before we talk about water and the high-speed rail debacle.

As a result, more citizens must rely on the government for support. Factoring in cost of living, California has the nation’s highest poverty rate. Lack of affordable housing as a result of poor government policy promoting high density and restrictive zoning is not something that will be easily overcome.

California politicians are close to breaking the backs of taxpayers. Hopefully, at some point voters will wake up to this reality.

Geoffrey B. King, Wasco, Calif.



To the editor: Brown’s reflections in your article on his career are provocative, as he usually is.

We see again his signature style and humanity: Why are things the way they are? What changes can we make to improve our lives?

As we start a new year, let us collectively resolve to likewise question the assumptions around us and attempt to find policies and solutions that benefit us all.

Calvin Naito, Los Angeles


To the editor: Brown defends his “criminal justice legacy” — which has spawned a backlash in the form of a 2020 ballot initiative to undo the governor’s reforms — by stating: “In my view, [the initiative is] deeply anti-Christian, because it denies redemption. And redemption is at the heart of our whole civilization.”

Wrong. The basis of our civilization is the rule of law — in other words, law and order.

Joel Anderson, Studio City



To the editor: As serious as the nose on your face: Jerry Brown 2020

David Reid, Hollywood

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