Opinion: Conservatives ruined Kansas. Next up is America.

Sam Brownback
Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback pushed major tax cuts in the belief they would stimulate the state’s economy.
(John Hanna / Associated Press)

To the editor: I would hope that this article would be printed nationwide, as it is a prime and clear example of the failure of Republican free-market trickle-down economics at work. The only part missing is an examination of the distribution of tax cuts, that is, who got hit the softest and who got hit the hardest. (“Hard times for Kansas and its schools as economic ‘experiment’ creates gaping budget hole,” Nov. 21)

I imagine Boeing in Wichita and other aerospace giants are pleased about being tapped so gently, while schools have to do without the support they need to generate the next generation of people that help Boeing stay huge and profitable. The blindness to the plight of those who want to improve themselves is unconscionable, and will serve to continue to import properly educated and qualified candidates for highly skilled positions instead of investing in our at-home future and growing our own talent. 

Hopefully the people of Kansas will use whatever legal means necessary to give their children the bright future they deserve while showing the rest of the country what can be accomplished in a democracy.

Lincoln Gable Riley , Culver City



To the editor: The Republicans got control of Kansas and instituted their financial plan of low taxes for the rich and for businesses. It failed. The Kansas economy is a flop, and it has run up huge deficits. 

Now, on the national level, the Republicans will soon be in control of the House, the Senate and the presidency. Watch for similar tax initiatives with the claim that the economy will grow, and watch for similar failures. 

Just like the citizens of Kansas, we will all pay for this experiment.


Norwood Price, Burbank

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