Readers React: Senate Republicans are ensuring a cloud will forever hang over Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court

Judge Brett Kavanaugh testifies during the second day of his U.S Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing to be a Supreme Court justice.
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To the editor: The Republican rush to secure the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court before the midterm election, despite Democrats’ requests for more information and more time, is not well thought out. While on the Supreme Court, Kavanaugh will be under a cloud of suspicion.

Sooner or later, a Democrat will be president and the documents will come out. If the papers from Kavanaugh’s time in the George W. Bush administration are innocuous, why not release them now? Either way, the Republicans could still confirm President Trump’s nominee. If what we already know about Kavanaugh isn’t enough to cause a few Republican senators to vote against him, what will?

Besides, delaying the Kavanaugh hearings doesn’t have to hurt the Republicans. Even if they lost the Senate, something thought to be unlikely, they would have time to confirm the nominee before the new senators are sworn in.

Rick Dunn, San Diego



To the editor: While holding confirmation hearings may seem “unfair” to Democrats, it is not a threat to democracy, contrary to what one loud and terribly misinformed protester shouted.

Our duly elected president (hate him or not) has the legal authority to select Supreme Court justices. Then, it is up to the Senate to either approve or reject his nominee.

There is no “threat to democracy” here. The only possible threat is to the liberal agenda of appointing activist judges who love reinterpreting the Constitution and making the judiciary the most powerful branch of the government.


Rick Solomon, Lake Balboa


To the editor: Most of us are aware that life is full of surprises. Kavanaugh’s development as a Supreme Court justice may very well turn out to be one of those surprises.

Watching his two daughters grow up as he sits on the court may change him on women’s issues. Kavanaugh’s intellect is widely acclaimed, and knowing that he has a life-long appointment, that for all intents and purposes cannot be rescinded, gives him the freedom and flexibility to grow his thinking.

Kavanaugh may very well surprise us all, as Chief Justice Earl Warren did in his time; hopefully, we are in for many pleasant surprises.

J. David Knobler, Winnetka


To the editor: If anyone still doubts the incivility and derangement of the Democratic Party, all one has to do is watch the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing to see it for themselves.


The Democrats have made a mockery of Senate decorum and embarrassed themselves and their country in front of the entire world. What shameful and inexcusable grandstanding.

Bob Wallace, Las Vegas


To the editor: I am watching with disgust and horror as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and his colleagues hijack the judiciary.

There should be no confirmation hearings for anyone until after the November election. That’s the way McConnell played it in the last full year of Barack Obama’s presidency, and that’s what should happen now.

Susan Broder, Encino

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