Readers React: Nike’s spineless decision to pull its Betsy Ross flag-themed shoes

Betsy Ross American Flag Stirs Controversy As Nike Cancels Themed Shoe
A worker folds a newly made Betsy Ross flag at a business in Salt Lake City, Utah, on July 5.
(George Frey / Getty Images)

To the editor: Once again, Nike Inc. has demonstrated corporate cowardice, this time recalling a patriotic shoe design because it could “unintentionally offend and detract from the nations patriotic holiday.” Apparently Nike is striving to produce shoes that are universally acceptable by everyone.

I have news for Nike: It can’t be done. Someone will always be offended, no matter your intentions.

Why not demonstrate some corporate courage and produce what reflects a love of country and good old American values? Those who don’t like it can demonstrate their indignation by not buying the shoes.

Bob Ruchhoft, Cerritos



To the editor: Little did I know I was insulting some Americans when at the age of 11, I played Betsy Ross in a school play. I cut out a paper star, held it up to the audience and said, “Here is one of the stars for our new American flag!”

Gloria Molnar Roth, Sherman Oaks

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