Readers React: Why some Californians thought not voting was the right thing to do

Workers set up voting booths at Robert F. Kennedy Elementary School in Los Angeles.
(Richard Vogel / Associated Press)

To the editor: Whom is Steve Lopez kidding with his column on non-voters? Vote for whom? The same people who promise one thing and then once in office do whatever their donors tell them to do? Voting isn’t going to change a thing. Get the money out of politics and then you can tell people to go out and vote because our elected officials will be guided by voters, not the 1% who owns them.

Or you can go back to watching Disney movies and dreaming.

Ed Masciana, Torrance



To the editor: Lopez seems frustrated that many uninformed voters did not vote on June 5. I see that as a positive part of the electoral process; why would Lopez hope that if you’re not informed of the candidates and the ballot issues you’d still vote?

However, much of the Democrat strategy in our state and country relies on such “voter” support. Seemingly (and frustratingly), he is bewildered that the United States is headed in the right direction.

Peter S. Griffith, Arcadia


To the editor: Non-voters who still prioritize standing for the national anthem at sporting events probably shouldn’t.

Kurt Page, Laguna Niguel

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