Opinion: P-22, confined alone to Griffith Park, is miserable. He needs to be moved.


To the editor: Where is People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals when you need them? Surely, keeping P-22 cooped up in the eight square miles of Griffith Park is as inhumane as keeping an orca in Sea World tank. (“A week in the life of P‑22, the big cat who shares Griffith Park with millions of people,” Feb. 8)

I would assume that when P-22 struck out for new territory years ago, he would never have imagined it would be a one way trek. Does the National Park Service really think it will be able assimilate a “nearly perfect predator” into an urban environment without endangering both the lion and the population? If someone is killed by P-22, I can imagine all the hand-wringing over our failed attempt to force coexistence with humans on the cougar.

P-22 should be captured and released to a more natural setting so he can live out the rest of his life the way evolution intended.


David Newfield, Burbank


To the editor: Great article on P-22. May he live long and prosper.

After all, anything that kills and eats raccoons has at least that one thing going for it.

Richard Schmittdiel, Glendale

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