Readers React: Blowing up reefs and killing sea life are foolish ways to look for energy


To the editor: I worked on seismic research ships all over the world for most of 22 years. I have seen the damage done by seismic exploration for oil and gas. Dead sea life, reefs blown up and ruined fishing grounds are commonplace. (“New rules would make it easier to find oil — and endanger whales and dolphins,” April 2)

Weakening protection for marine life to allow the oil companies an opportunity to make more money in this destructive way is foolish, short-sighted and venal. Instead, encourage the oil companies to diversify their interests by funding research and making investments in other sources of energy to maintain their profits.

If they do not, they could end up as dead as the dinosaurs for which they drill while we all pay the price.


Brian Lallement, Los Angeles


To the editor: According to this article, “oil and gas supporters say that the research [showing that undersea explosions harm sea life] isn’t conclusive and that the best available science does not indicate that surveying damages the overall marine population.”

Where have I heard stuff like this before?

Oh, yeah: The science is inconclusive about the dangers of tobacco, the human causes (or existence at all) of climate change, mining runoff being a human health hazard, and on and on.

I guess we’ll just keep dying or getting sick (without affordable healthcare) until all scientists in all parts of the world agree on everything.

Barry Davis, Agoura Hills

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