Readers React: On Thanksgiving, the L.A. Times couldn’t bring itself to thank Trump for his successes

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Trump shake hands at the conclusion of their meeting in Singapore on June 12, 2018.
(Susan Walsh / Associated Press)

To the editor: President Trump occasionally hits a home run, but then journalists get writer’s block.

Instead of giving Trump credit for his success in North Korea, the L.A. Times editorial board talks about joint teams in the 2018 Winter Olympics. How serious was North Korea? President Obama supposedly said to Trump that North Korea would be his toughest problem.

Same for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Impeccable person, life and credentials — another Trump home run. But the editorial mentions a tainted confirmation process without mentioning the 11th-hour scurrilous accusations.

Trump has his rough edges, but even a broken clock is correct twice a day.


Bob Munson, Newbury Park


To the editor: In 1960, I entered USC as a freshman. The thesis in my history class was, “America, an Experiment in Democracy.” I thought: What experiment? America and democracy went together like Jack and Jill.

Now, at an advanced age, I feel like we are proving to be a failed experiment in democracy.


It’s been said that politics is the art of compromise — you must have policymakers on both sides willing to make concessions to achieve anything meaningful. Some have said the path we are on will lead us to plutocracy or to an uprising by the masses.

If either happens, we are a failed experiment indeed.

Eddie Dawes, Hacienda Heights

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