Opinion: A president who ducked the draft is telling transgender patriots they can’t serve. The irony is thick

Protesters gather at White House after Trump's transgender announcement.
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To the editor: As a Vietnam veteran, I can’t tell you how disgusted I am having a president who ducked the draft, ran down Sen. McCain saying he wasn’t a hero because he got caught and has stated that he knows “more about ISIS than the generals do,” running his mouth about anything that has to do with the military.

(Re: “Trump moves to bar transgender service members,” July 27)

It remains to be seen if he is even telling the truth about consulting with any of his generals on the issue. He’s just another one of those “patriots” who talk big but always manage to send someone in their place when it’s time for the real fighting.


There is not one transgender member of the military who is not more patriotic in thought and deed than our current president.

Martin Wauson, Westminster


To the editor: The irony is thicker than Trump’s skull. That patriotic and loyal Americans who happen to be transgender are willing to serve and sacrifice for our country in the military stands in exceedingly stark contrast to the cowardly failure of Trump to have done the same.

Kurt I. Muller, Rancho Palos Verdes


To the editor: I am greatly disturbed by Trump’s tweet declaration that transgender soldiers are no longer welcome in our military.

Brave men and women of all life stories are serving honorably and are putting themselves in harm’s way — as I write this. And many have died serving their country. Trump acts like a flailing “Sun King” so besotted with himself, and flinging tweets out as if they were valid instruments of policy. Who will he turn his tweeting fingers on next?


Laura Stickney, Los Angeles


To the editor: I applaud President Trump for banning “transgenders” from serving in our military for the simple reason that if a person is confused about his sex, that is a psychological deficiency disqualifying one for military service. The military code of conduct punishes adulterers because it is immoral. Why, then, these exemptions?

Greg Climaco, Brea


To the editor: How many presidents in the last 50 years have started each and every day with a “usual” morning rant? How many have impulsively broadcast a declaration of lousy and contradictory policy, unfettered by any consultation with either Congress or military leaders?

Our (highly unpresidential) president and his intractable case of “Twitterrhea” are making our country look like a rudderless, leaderless ship of fools. Members of his own party are calling him crazy.

When will Congress wake up to the fact that a majority of Americans (and most of the civilized world) share that opinion, and take steps to rescue our democracy before Trump’s thoughtless and mean-spirited impulses lead us into catastrophe?

Callie Mack, San Diego

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