Readers React: Trump’s America has little to celebrate this Fourth of July

Washington Prepares For President Trump’s Speech On The Fourth Of July
U.S. Army personnel on July 3 finish parking tanks in front of the Lincoln Memorial in preparation for the Fourth of July “Salute to America” celebration in Washington.
(Mark Wilson / Getty Images)

To the editor: There is nothing to celebrate on Independence Day when there are immigrants of all ages who are trying to escape terrible violence and suffering only to land themselves in stuffed cages in the United States.

The very idea of a military-themed Fourth of July celebration ordered by the president is frightening. It is a glaring reminder of past and present leaders in Germany, North Korea and China who put themselves and their controlling ways first.

There are enough fireworks every day in Washington with this misguided administration, so we do not need any more explosions or costly vanity parades to stroke the president’s fragile ego.

Frances Terrell Lippman, Sherman Oaks


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