Readers React: Yes, liberals, you will govern again one day, so stop losing friends over Trump

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To the editor: Ron Berler’s Feb. 18 op-ed article, “Can social psychologists explain why Trump is ruining my friendship?” is a typical far-left rant against those who have a different perspective on life. A disagreement with a friend over President Trump’s actions left the writer feeling “morally cleansed.” Morally superior would be a better phrase.

Trump is a disgusting person, but hatred for him does not justify preventing the elected president from governing. The Republicans did this with President Obama, and the Democrats are doing the same thing with Trump. No wonder many dislike politicians almost as much as they dislike Trump.

Most of the actions taken by Trump would have been taken by any other Republican president. That’s why he was elected even though it left a bad taste in voters’ mouths. Laws that the Democrats do not like may pass, but surely they will have their chance to govern again.


Jerry West, Pasadena


To the editor: Berler’s conservative friend says he does not judge people, which Berler knows is a lie. Of course, Trump’s supporters do in fact judge people, just as they did with Obama and Hillary Clinton. They are still judging Bill Clinton.

They point the finger at the Democrats’ less significant failings but refuse to do the same with their own elected leaders’ obvious moral blunders. That is hypocrisy, and they are liars about it.

Does Berler actually want to be friends with liars and hypocrites? This has nothing to do with different political opinions.

If Berler’s friend has said, “I can’t stand Trump either, and he is morally corrupt, so I hope we can get a better Republican in office next time to further the agenda and policies that I prefer,” then that would be a different story.

Barbara Farren, Rancho Palos Verdes



To the editor: As a conservative, I have many strongly liberal friends and family members with whom I remain on good terms. Usually our political conversations don’t go beyond a few wisecracks about the other’s political affiliation. We chuckle and move on knowing that nobody’s mind is going to change from further discussion.

We had the same arrangement when Obama was president, and yes, Obama was just as abhorrent to conservatives as Trump is to liberals.

From my perspective, I see the big picture as how do we get from Point A to Point B — how do we improve the military, strengthen law and order, cut taxes, create jobs, improve the economy and rein in the current political hyper-correctness?

Trump’s behavior is distracting, but it is just noise. What matters is actions — and conservatives can appreciate Trump’s actions.

Mike Bennett, Rowland Heights

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