Readers React: Trump can’t even criticize California without looking foolish

Firefighters monitor a backfire near the Mendocino Complex Fire on Aug. 7.
(Noah Berger / Associated Press)

To the editor: If there ever was a single action that President Trump could take to demonstrate his unfitness for office, it’s his nonsensical tweeting about California sending water to the Pacific Ocean instead of using it to fight fires.

Like an autocrat, Trump refuses to tolerate anyone who disagrees with him about anything. Since California voted against him, we along with our governor are on his “enemies list,” so he takes to Twitter to criticize us instead of express support during a crisis.

Rather than act appropriately, and because he refuses to state that climate change is real and a major cause of our destructive fires, he simply made up the fake news item that our environmental laws have led to a shortage of water to fight the fires. Thanks to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection for promptly setting the record straight.


The sooner we have a president who does not bring shame to the office he holds, the better. I hold this opinion as a lifelong Republican.

Richard F. Corlin, Santa Monica


To the editor: According to Trump, California’s wildfires have been made worse by “bad environmental laws” and the fact that “readily available water … is being diverted into the Pacific Ocean.”

People are dying in my state, and with these tweets I wonder if anything is beneath this craven man.

Jim Anderson, Santa Clarita


To the editor: Please stop publicizing Trump’s Twitter statements.

The fact that they are offensive and nonsense is already obvious, and publishing articles that analyze these statements only helps him and gives him more publicity.


Trump’s ability to offend is what got him elected, and it is something his voters admire in him. I wish you would stop helping him get more publicity.

Brent Trafton, Long Beach

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