Opinion: Trump’s aides show how to weasel out of the president’s untruths

Jared Kushner, from left, Stephen Miller and Stephen Bannon in the Oval Office last month.
(Evan Vucci / Associated Press)

To the editor: White House advisors such as Stephen Miller are part of an inner circle that will unabashedly repeat President Trump’s absurdities, such as his false assertion Sunday that “the noncitizen voting issue is pervasive and widespread.” (“Top Trump aide again asserts widespread vote fraud, cites no evidence,” Feb. 12)

There is a next tier of Trump supporters who try to equivocate across a tightrope of credibility with parsings and convolutions. For instance, if the president said, “Frederick Douglass died recently in the Bowling Green massacre,” an equivocator might say, “As there was no massacre, there are no casualty lists from which to disprove the president’s assertions.”

Mathematicians will tell us statistical samplings disprove assertions of widespread voter fraud. Yet the president believes “millions” of dead people and migrants here illegally voted. An equivocator could point out that vital signs are not taken at the polls, so we have no way of knowing.

And if you think I’m being purely facetious, you just missed the inmates taking over the asylum.


Robert Fox, Los Angeles


To the editor: Trump let the jackal out of his cage, and he performed as expected.

There is no question that the majority of people who voted for Trump are honest and decent. How can they possibly be happy with a country run by mean, dishonest people like Miller?


Donald S. Burnett, Arcadia

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