Readers React: A Trump voter’s immigrant wife was deported. That’s sad, but not surprising

Jason Rochester and his son Ashton communicate with Cecilia Rochester, who is in Mexico, from their home in Roswell, Ga., on May 14.
(Chris Aluka Berry / For The Times)

To the editor: It was very sad that Jason Rochester of Roswell, Ga., lost his wife and the mother of his son to President Trump’s cruel and xenophobic immigration policies.

However, since Rochester voted for Trump because of his anti-choice position, the story brings into focus a point sorely missed in the abortion debates, which are being framed almost exclusively as an attack on women’s bodies, health and welfare.

For decades, Republican politicians have cynically used this wedge issue to manipulate voters, almost always against their own economic and personal interests. Tragically, this family is playing out this practice. They seem to feel uniquely victimized.

Is it possible they might now see that their single-issue, ill-informed choices at the voting booth will also have tragic consequences for countless women imperiled by making abortion illegal?


Constance Mallinson, Woodland Hills


To the editor: There is a reason this man’s wife is barred from reentering the United States. Rochester voted for Trump, and now Trump is doing what he said he’d do to protect our borders.

Rochester’s wife broke the law on multiple occasions by sneaking into the United States. While I feel for the parents having to raise a son in different countries, she is reaping the consequences of her actions.


Many Americans, myself included, do not have problems with immigration done the right way. They do have a problem with the illegal type, so, at least in your articles, call a spade a spade and identify those actions.

There are many out there who follow the legal immigration process and are grateful for it, but those who overstay their visas or cross the border illegally should be punished.

Susan Moore, La Habra


To the editor: As an Evangelical Christian, Rochester should have been appalled by Trump’s actions toward women and immigrants.

This man now has to face the fact that his vote helped take his wife from him. That is how important a vote is.

Tim Ashford, Lomita

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