Readers React: The curse of the Dodgers’ cable contract


To the editor: The Boston Red Sox had the Curse of the Bambino, the Chicago Cubs had the Curse of the Billy Goat, and now the Dodgers have the Curse of the Cable Contract.

By pocketing billions in revenue and putting nearly all regular-season games exclusively on a new cable TV network that not everyone can watch, the team’s owners deprived the majority of their lifelong fans access to viewership and the last years of the great Vin Scully. In other words, the Dodgers have upset the baseball karma gods.

The owners may have hit a home run on their balance sheets, but I can’t help taking pleasure in the Dodgers’ continued futility in bringing a championship to Los Angeles.


Dan Steffen, Thousand Oaks


To the editor: I have been a Dodger fan for 68 years. I recently moved here from the East Coast. When I lived there I was able to watch the Dodgers every day.

Now that I live 39 miles from Dodger Stadium, I cannot watch games on TV most of the time.

I feel badly for fans and the players, but as for the filthy rich team owners, I’m glad they lost. It couldn’t have happened to a better group of people.

Mike Cowley, Upland


To the editor: I get that the Dodgers were huge underdogs against the Red Sox, but when your team makes the World Series you hope it catches lightning in a bottle and knocks off a prohibitive favorite.


Well, not only did that not happen, but by any standard of what a compelling and competitive World Series is, this was a catastrophic and abysmal joke. At no time during this sham of a series was there ever a remote inkling that the Dodgers were in it.

As far as great World Series competitions, this is near rock bottom — an utter and complete mismatch that history will little note nor long remember.

Gary Larsen, Long Beach

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