Readers React: A campaign donation to Trump: One reader’s incentive not to break a resolution

A “Happy New Year” hat lies on the wet ground following the celebration in New York’s Times Square on Jan. 1.
(Tina Fineberg / AP)

To the editor: I echo author Ian Ayres’ passion for financial disincentives as a way to prevent us from breaking our New Year’s resolutions.

On a memorable day — Jan. 20, 2017 — I broke a previously unbreakable addiction to the infinite distractions of online Sudoku and crossword puzzle archives by the simple expedient of writing a check in the amount of $500 payable to President Trump’s re-election campaign, to be sent if I succumb to the temptations that had enslaved me for years.

I sealed it into an envelope and stuck it on my refrigerator with a magnet. I have not even been tempted to backslide.

Janet Weaver, Huntington Beach


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