A better use of Tom Steyer’s money than running for president

Bullet train
A rendering of the California high-speed train.
(California High-Speed Rail Authority)

To the editor: Billionaire Tom Steyer can doing anything with his own money that he wishes, such as run for president.

I believe, however, that if Steyer really wishes to leave a positive legacy, he would donate the $100 million he will spend on advertising and office overhead for his presidential run to the California High-Speed Rail Authority. Such a gesture could encourage others to do the same.

Given the bullet train’s Phase 1 cost of $77 billion for 520 miles, Steyer’s contribution would buy two-thirds of a mile of construction, maybe a little bit more. But hey, we would all have something to show for it. I’d even put in a mile marker with his name on it.

Jim Kennedy, Smyrna, Tenn.

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