Letters to the Editor: Fires lead to sticker shock over home insurance -- in L.A.

A Paradise, Calif., neighborhood destroyed in the Camp fire in 2018.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Regarding the article on home insurance policies being canceled or made unaffordable to residents of fire-prone areas, it isn’t only rural or semi-rural homeowners who are being affected.

I’ve lived for more than 70 years in a tile-roofed home across the street from a fire hydrant, three blocks north of Los Feliz Boulevard, and three blocks west of Vermont Avenue. After decades with Farmers Insurance Group and one claim 20 years ago, my annual rate went from $5,120 to $10,005.

Even my agent was stunned and worked hard to find me an alternate company. She said the ones she contacted were raising rates on everyone to cover their losses from the fires in Northern California.

Meg Quinn Coulter, Los Angeles